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OL NPC: Atreyu Tyrell by Fortranica
OL NPC: Atreyu Tyrell



Note: Atreyu is NOT a Maiden Protector. He did build reputation but he is NOT a First Maiden. This change is made to fit in Overlocked, however the rest of his bio remains unchanged.

UPDATE: move Atreyu to NPC

CL app:…

bigger full-body ref: 


ID: #AGS2052


[Data Update] Character Info//

Name: Atreyu Tyrell

Nickname: Atreyu, Trey / Treyu, kid, midget

Level: N/A

Age: 900 years old (27)

DOB: December 24

Gender: Male

Race: Khadroman

Division: Maiden 



"I know what I am doing.”

“A-ah…. H-hello, nice to meet y-you…”

“Please trust me.”

 “U-Um, e-excuse me…. I’m not a kid anymore, I t-told you before…”

“Leave healing stuff to me.”

"Don't worry, you'll be fine."

“Do you think I should walk away and leave that person to die?! What are Maidens for?! You have no right to choose who I should heal!”

“Maidens are important in battles! T-therefore, I need someone to at least protect them from any harm! Who will heal you guys if they died?!”

 “This is my decision, and it is final.”




    +         Strongly determined and devoted

    +         Has a strong willpower

    +         Can be brave, especially if there's something encourages him. Which is, commonly his willpower and devotion

    +        Mentally strong, he rarely shed a tear when he has a very hard time

    +        Intelligent, due to his former training in Keeper class 

    +        Diligent and hardworking. He carries out his duty well

    -/+     Easily get emotional even onto every little thing, be it a good or a bad thing for him. Most probably because of his race which feels more than others

    -/+     Workaholic

    -         Feeling inferior and small among tall people. Tends to be shy, timid, not confident and nervous among them. He easily stutters under these emotion pressures.

    -        Timid

    -        Insecure, often get worried easily 

    -        Can be a bit childish even though he's an adult he's so embarrassing lol

    -        Sometimes has no manners when it comes into learning something new. He is getting distracted pretty easily with his curiosity



    ·         flying and swimming

    ·         diving. Kelp forest apparently is his favorite

    ·         exploring and adventures

    ·         brewing potions, he likes to do it that he had an overwhelming stocks of them

    ·         puzzles and riddles

    ·         food grains and cereals

    ·         rare and valuable items 


    ·         His //short// height

    ·         Death, pain, sickness, and violence

    ·         Being useless

    ·         His //short// height

    ·         Being interrupted in the process of healing or brewing potions, except for important things

    ·         His //short// height

    ·         People keep considering him as a kid although they’re aware of his age

    ·         Being underestimated, especially because of his appearance 



    ·          able to fly and swim, albeit not an expert in them

    ·         Has a keen sense of sight.

    ·         Great balance in either swimming, flying, or on the ground. 



Atreyu was the youngest child from five siblings. His mother was a Mage, and his father was a Keeper. He had one twin sister, two older sisters and one older brother—the sisters were Keepers and the brother and his twin sister were Mages, following their parents’ steps. Atreyu himself showed an interest in Keeper class since he was a child, so his parents trained him already. They encouraged and guided their children to follow their classes so they could help their children’s studies beside their apprentice hours.

The little Keeper apprentice had a close friend named Pruelle, a Bishop apprentice. Pruelle often took Atreyu to explore Khadroma in their free time. It was tiring at first for Atreyu, but Pruelle’s passion in small adventures and explorations were infectious. Atreyu, who was good in memory and puzzles and riddles solving, and Pruelle, who has a vast knowledge as a Bishop apprentice, made them perfect for each other in exploring. They explored fields, lakes, rivers, forests, and anywhere which were within their reach, and had a love for treasure-hunting (if there was any). A few years passed and their passion for journeys never wavered, instead, it got even stronger.

As their age added in, Atreyu and Pruelle started to look for more challenging journeys. They travelled deeper into many places and the process went fine, until they travelled into a deep forest. They had gone too far, and they were ambushed by hostile creatures. The two apprentices were cornered, and they knew from the situation they were in, the chance for both of them to escape was bare. Pruelle sacrificed herself, distracted the creatures and dragged them away from Atreyu, and asked him to run. The terrified Keeper apprentice hesitated to leave his close friend behind, but he finally did, not wanting her effort to go to waste. He cried as he made his way out, tears flowing like endless river as he could hear a countless growls and a scream behind him. Only his intelligence and his small figure managed to get him alive from the deep forest in one piece.

He quickly rushed to his seniors and elders, any Guardians and Bishops he knew for help. Some Khadroman seniors went into the forest, and it took a few days to explore the vast woods until they found who they were looking for. Atreyu rushed upon hearing the news, only to find out that she couldn’t be saved, especially when he managed to see her bloody, torn, and gruesome lifeless body. She was dead. She would never come back again, and Atreyu knew no matter how much he desperately begging the Maidens for help, Pruelle wouldn’t come back to life. He was blindly raged and depressed, and almost suffered a long-term mental breakdown. Pruelle’s death was his great loss, she was gone alongside a piece of himself which would never recovered.

After weeks and months he passed in mourning and grief, Atreyu finally got up back onto his feet. He knew he wouldn’t change anything if he just sat and did nothing. Pruelle’s death was still haunting him, but it also his motivation as well to keep moving forward. He didn’t want what happened to him and her to be repeated ever again, and he decided to take a Maiden class. He had a great verbal fight with his parents, but they finally desperately gave up, seeing that their son wouldn’t change his mind at all. Atreyu wanted to be more useful, he wanted to be able to save people’s lives and relieved their pain, some things he couldn’t do as a Keeper. It was hard for him at first to take his interest of Keeper class off, but Pruelle’s death kept him to focus on his goal. He learnt and trained hard without even missing a single day, day and night.

Eventually, after hundred years of learning, his hard work came into fruition. He was acknowledged as a brilliant, skillful Maiden among his peers, however, this didn't get him to be cocky. He believed that there was so many things he needed to learn, and kept learning.  Atreyu would keep serving his people and the wounded as long as he lived.



    ·         He’s a hybrid of a sea serpent and a bird. His father is a sea serpent, his mother is a bird

    ·         His passion in adventures is still in himself. Especially when he found out that the gate is opened, he often wanders in Zero

    ·         He is lacking of physical growth, looked much younger than he supposed to be, and his height is less than 4’ 11’’

    ·         His twin sister is Arelyya Tyrell. She is quite a contrast with Atreyu, although she shares the same lacking physical growth with him. 

    ·         Apparently he often swims, his goal is to increase his height into at least 4’11’ or 5’

    ·         HE IS SINGLE--//SHOT

    ·         Pruelle’s death haunted him, as well as gave him a new strength to carry on. He was mentally strong and won’t be overwhelmed easily by tough hardships

    ·         He realizes Maidens are important in battles, so he has a lot amount of elixirs and potions to restore either his health or magic power

    ·         Never, never prohibit Atreyu from healing someone, even though the injured person is a Pandemonian. Just…don’t.

    ·         He is often seen to be together with a Maiden named Rosa as his assistant, and his personal bodyguard named Ian from Guardian class.

   ·         He has a Homsyls with big apppetite in his home

   ·         He lives alone independently, but still visit his family.


[Log Sequence] Battling//

*Contract Availability: yes, most suitable as a Suscipio contract



[[ACE] Renascentia >> Atreyu’s Ace power is centered in healing and protection. Renascentia has four variations, the usage of each of them is determined by how much healing needed and level requirements.

Every variations of Renascentia spells costs both of Atreyu’s HP and MP, and the amount needed depends on the spell stage. The more powerful the spell, the more HP and MP needed. If the MP is below requirements, Renascentia will be cancelled, unless the remaining percentage needed is taken from his HP. However, if the HP is below requirement, the spell cannot be executed at all

    ·              Stage 1

    -                     Party members     : 2 persons

    -                     Health restored     : 13% of max HP

    -                     Radius                 : 1 meter

    -                     Area of Effect        : none

    -                     Requirements       : 13% of max. HP and 10% of max. MP


    ·          Stage 2

    -                     Party members     : 3 persons

    -                     Health restored     : 25% of max HP

    -                     Radius                 : 3 meters

    -                     Area of Effect        : physical damage taken -25%

    -                     Requirements       : 25% of max. HP and 15% of max. MP

    ·          Stage 3

    -                     Party members     : 4 persons

    -                     Health restored     : 50% of max HP or 20% of max HP + revive one fallen member for 30% of max HP

    -                     Radius                 : 5 meters

    -                     Area of Effect        : magical damage taken -25%

    -                     Requirements       : 50% of max. HP and 20% of max. MP. May cause instant exhaustion


    ·          Stage 4 

    -                     Party members     : 5 persons

    -                     Health restored     : 70% of max HP or 30% of max HP + revive fallen member(s) for 40% of max HP

    -                     Radius                 : 7 meters

    -                     Area of Effect        : physical & magical damage taken -25%

    -                     Requirements        : 75% of max. HP and 25% of max. MP. May cause instant exhaustion or pass out

Angelo Tangere [3] >>  (MANA) Physical/magical attack of target increases in 25%. *User cannot cast the spell upon itself.

Accipiter Visionem [1] >>  (COMBAT) Increased precision and movement speed, dodge/miss +20%, critical +14% for 1 hour. (30mins cooldown)

Vita Ascendit [1] >>  (COMBAT) Increased Health for two hours.

Depulsio [2] >>  (COMBAT) Increased Defense for two hours. (40mins cooldown)

Petra Scutum [4] >>  (EARTH) User controls the earth below to summon a shield of stone in a pinch. *Lasts until the shield sustains damage enough to break. **Strength of shield depends on total magic. ***Can be used with any weapon-summoning spells.

Coeo Meridiem [4] >>  (FIRE) A self healing spell. Efficiency depends on user's Magic output and mental or physical state

Weapon: None (he casts spells with bare hands)


Health: ??

Magic: ??

Attack: ??

Defense: ??

Speed: ??



Battling Style:

Atreyu is only and only suitable working in a safe place, safe and secure from any harm to heal people. He won’t be present so often in battlefield (if his help is not direly needed) but in camps, quarters, etc for the wounded people. If he has to participate in battles, he would be on the back line to heal injured warriors, and give them buffs and protection spells. In this situation, he needs at least one person to protect him from any harm since he was defenseless and utterly needed by his party to survive. It is possible that he may make it through in evading, dodging, slipping through small gaps and hiding due to his speed and small figure, but having at least someone to protect him would be the best decision.



[Main Theme]

Miracle of the Stars - (may applied as Happy Theme)

Soundtrack 2 – Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

[Happy Theme]

Soundtrack 1 – Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

[Battle Theme]

Dance with the Puppets – Dark Parables: The Last Cinderella… 

[Sad Theme] 

Sence 5 – Deemo… 

[Mystery Theme] (optional as Sad Theme)

Playing with Dolls 

[Riddle-solving Time Theme]

Nostalgia Waltz – Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat…

Legend of the Mansion

The Mirror Lied – The Mirror Lied… (for hardcore riddles) 

[Dangerous Adventure]

The Final Cinderella – Dark Parables: The Last Cinderella… 

The Red Riding Hood Sisters – Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters… 


Larsa Ferrinas Solidor – Final Fantasy XII (black-haired boy)


I'm available on Skype and Google doc. Just send me a note or drop a comment if you want to RP :heart:



art, character (c) Fortranica

combo-lock (c) whitty-boo

thank you for the comments and faves :iconaawplz:

Love Box
415 deviations
OL: Atreyu genderbend meme by Fortranica
OL: Atreyu genderbend meme

ID: #AGS2052

EXP: 120 + 20 = 140

genderbender of OL: Atreyu Tyrell . She's still as colorful as ever, but probably more playful and mature than the real one. She has no fear or insecurities among tall people, and she actually likes the fact that she can appear very young despite of her age lol

her name is Atrena and I love her. it sucks why I am so glued with my OC's genderbend version so much :iconpapmingplz:

without meme: Atrena Genderbend
Lily genderbend meme:
Yulion genderbend meme:
blank meme:

Atreyu / Atrena Tyrell (c) Fortranica
Thank you for viewing :heart:


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