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OL: Lafowl species by Fortranica
OL: Lafowl species


ID: #AGS2052

Lafowl species is owned by Fortranica and may be used only in OverLocked and combo-lock

If you want to make a contract with this monster of have it as a pet, I would love to hear from you :heart:


Lafowl Species




    ·        Female:  + 10.5’ (26-27 cm), wingspan: + 8’ (20 cm)

    ·        Male    :  + 13’ (33 cm), wingspan: + 12’ (30.5 cm)


Weight8.8 – 13 lbs (4-6 kg)

Lafowls are generally light-weight, their chubby figure and their weight mainly because of their thick feathers.


Lifespan: approximately 400 – 500 years (12-15 years in Khadroman reckoning)





Insects, small animals (rodent, mouse, frogs, etc), small fruits


Living style

Pretty different compared to common owls, Lafowls live in groups. They generally stay in one place together, making their own home and ‘territory’, but hunts individually, either at day or night. Lafowls went to sleep at afternoon, and active at night time up to morning. They stay in their territory during spring and summer, but may migrate to a warmer weather area during autumn or winter season.

During their active hours, female Lafowls usually stay at their nests to raise their young as the males go out to hunt. The mother teaches their young to fly, and during adolescence, both parents teach their young to hunt. Some Lafowls which are done hunting or staying within their nest come out and perching on tree trunks together in groups. They may preen each other to keep their thick and lushful feathers in a good condition.

Mating style: 

Lafowls mate nearly the end of a winter season. The male Lafowls usually prepare their nest inside a tree hollow on a huge tree to attract females. The female will mate with the male whose nest is the most comfortable as its home to lay eggs and raise the young. Female Lafowls lay around 5-6 eggs at spring.


Lafowls commonly live together in a big group on a huge tree, with approximately 300 ft (or 91.5 meters) in height or more. Lafowls lives in a high place, and commonly there are so many tree hollows on their home as their nests.





Lafowls are known to be temperamental and defensive. They are compassionate and caring among their own kind, and value each of the members of the group greatly. They love quiet life, and won’t disturb anyone if no one disturb their peaceful life. They can be ruthless however towards their prey and anyone who threats themselves or their children, and will generally either attack or flee to safety. They are capable to be aggressive, however if they acknowledge that they are no match with their foe(s), they will retreat.




Scratch / Peck

Lafowls attack with either their sharp beak or claws. Commonly cause minor injuries.



When a Lafowl is within range and needs some help, it will screech in a high pitch to call its flock. Many adult Lafowls will come to aid and attack their foe(s) altogether, flying and gliding at high speed to confuse their foe(s) and attack them with their sharp beak and/or claws.


note that Lafowls can sense and distinguish Anima. This sense also become an anchor for them to judge how powerful the enemy / threat they encounter. They most likely flee if the Anima is overwhelming for their species.





Lafowl Feathers (rare)
Feathers of Lafowls, they are very soft, pretty, and warm. May be used as decorations, accessories, pillow filling, or feather scarf for warmth during cold season. Due to their high quality and rarity, the material is sold expensively

Hard beak (common)
Very hard and sharp beak, it is said that their beak cannot be broken.


Sharp claws (common)

Very sharp claws. Maybe can be useful to make knuckles?




Can it be a pet?

Lafowl is a lovable companion as a pet. They are generally well-behaved and love to be spoiled, be it from a simple petting up to well feed and nice home to live in. Lafowl is a clever species, they may understand their owner even though they do not speak. They love to play with their owner, like playfully biting their finger, preen them, or simply snuggle with their thick feather. Lafowls are also known as a pet which is independent—if the owner doesn’t feed them, in instinct they will hunt for themselves and go back to their home by tracking the Anima of their owner. Unless if the owner has no any Anima, most likely they will get lost.

However, as a temperamental species, Lafowls often peck (or even headbutt and scratch) their owners to show their disfavor of something. Lafowls is suitable only for owners who have time for them to spend time together with, otherwise it will be so stressful, to the point that it will scream and destroy things in the house.

Overall, Lafowl is a good and lovable pet as long as the owner has time to spend (and spoil) them with love.

Gender Differences?
Lafowls only have two different colors. Pink is for females, and light blue for males. Females usually have yellow feather on their inner wings.


art, Lafowl species (c) Fortranica

thank you for looking :iconaawplz:



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