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CL: Yulion Hydaelyn by Fortranica CL: Yulion Hydaelyn by Fortranica
revamp with new and final (hopefully) default outfit, add more info on his bio based on interaction with others
new information is marked with :bulletblue: icon


my God I can't resist...! :heart: please pardon with my grammatical errors and wall of text, guys! QvQ

old outfit ref:
alt outfit ref:
new final default outfit ref: :bulletblue:

ID: #ATS2052

[Data Update] Character Info//
Name: Yulion Hydaelyn
Nickname: Yulion (You-lee-on), Yuu (by Aimé)
Level: 16
Age: 18 years old yes, he's an adult now
DOB: August 13
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Division: East Cauraha High (used to be West)

"I fight by protecting."
"Don't blame yourself. I do this because I want to."
"Do you know this? It's a bicycle! Wanna ride with me?" (to a Khadroman, he finds all Khads who he met are unfamiliar with bicycle*


• Modest
• Determined
• Tends to force himself once he protects people and prioritize others’ safety than himself
• Envious, towards people who have deep bond with their mothers
• hard headed, in case of protecting people. Easily protective and being a worrywart.
• Naïve, especially in romance. tease him and you will get him red on the face easily
• Courageous (even too courageous that can be considered as reckless)
• Lively and laid-back, doesn't get provoked easily and generally patient
• loving, tender, and caring to people who he cares
• Tends to takes burden and blame on his shoulders and sacrificing himself
• gentleman, this side may appear when he deals with girls in certain situations
• due to his habit of blaming himself, he is quite good finding points and reasons of why people are not at fault instead of him
• sometimes may lost in his thoughts that cause him not aware with his surroundings
• sensitive in a few certain matters. (don't be surprised if he gets easily angry, depressed or even sheds a tear), but recovers quickly :bulletblue:

• Bread, especially sandwich
• Chestnuts. He doesn’t eat a lot, though.
• Sports, especially outdoors
• Milk (any flavor would do, including soy milk)
• anything that contains (a lot of) milk. Ice creams, cheese, etc
• Bicycling and taking a stroll outdoors with Eldra
horror video games
Aeron and people who shared the same roof with him. (including Aesther and Verona) :bulletblue:
Aimé, Yulion would easily resent someone who hurt him in any way. bromance alert *cough* //shot* :bulletblue:

• Sour food
• Physics (he totally sucks in that subject)
• People who disrespect and humiliate their mother and other’s lives
• preserved dead animals (animals rug and such included)
• Death and excessive lifespan gap (he has personal reasons for this):bulletblue:
when his cousin exploits and bothering him about his 'men stuff' //shot
• Hospital (he dislikes the atmosphere)
• Formalities and formal attires
• Needles, syringe (he has a slight phobia to these, but with an exception for cacti, his favorite plant)
• provocation relating to mother and life
• bullying
• tears, especially girl’s
• being useless
• when someone bothers his friends and family

• he can do sports very well, especially outdoors.
• has a sense about danger, either involving himself or other people around him. his danger sense now develops further: :bulletblue:
• expansion of the range of sensing danger
• he can sense which direction the danger comes from

• good memory in remembering people's features (especially their facial features) although he only seen them for several times

He Who Survive
Yulion is the only son of Gurell and Iiralenne Hydaelyn. Although Yulion looks an ordinary boy, his well-being and existence are often being in question. His life and survival experience might doesn’t make sense for some people.
Since Iiralenne was pregnant, she got exhausted or sick easier than usual. Her appetite unexpectedly grew bigger than she ever imagined, and she had to take a rest for more than 10 hours a day. She and Gurell had no idea what happened to their child, and the longer their child was in his mother’s womb, the worsen Iiralenne’s health.
When Iiralenne was pregnant for 6 months, she had an accident which was really deadly to the baby. Yulion was supposed to be miscarriaged, however, he survived. And one month later, Iiralenne gave a premature birth to him and passed away.
What, how, and why these peculiar things happen, no one has an idea about them. Even doctors and scientists are amazed with Yulion’s survival.

The Transfer Student
Since the death of his wife, Gurell become protective and doting as Yulion is his only son. He taught and raised him up well and carefully with discipline and spoilt equally. Almost all Yulion’s needs must be fulfilled, applied the best school for him, and such. Thus Yulion enrolled in West Cauraha High, however, unfortunately the lifestyle and society don’t match with Yulion’s. He prefer to go to school with a bicycle to a private car, doesn’t like to appear rich and luxurious, and even doesn’t mind to be dirty in doing some sports and school activities.
Such surroundings discomfort Yulion and his modesty makes people in his school bully and make fun of him. These cause his scores drop, so he asks his father to apply another school. Gurell doesn’t really want to as the West Cauraha High has a better quality in education, however, he cannot really resist Yulion’s wish who doesn’t want to disappoint him. So in the end Yulion moves to East Cauraha High, and he finally finds his place in the school.

The Fortress or The Scapegoat?
Yulion is a very healthy boy. He is lively like a sun, as if he has no any weight on his shoulders or completely oblivious with life problems. He rarely getting sick compared to ordinary people, so this makes him to be protective to his friends and prioritize their safety on top of his, as well as giving his attention to sick people.
However, this behavior of his might be overgrown for other people. How much he really wants to make everyone safe that he is willing to ‘take damage’ for other people, either in physically or mentally, although he is not at fault. He does this unconsciously and as his nature for being a protective and very healthy boy. He seriously needs some sense to make him realize that he overdoes it, as some people might take advantage and turn him into a scapegoat for all their problems.

Live Until the End
Being not able to live together with his mother, Yulion never felt how it feels to have a mother. He never had a chance to get known with his own mother. When he learns that Iiralenne died for giving birth to him, he thinks that he is all the cause for her death, that she sacrifices her own life for his life. ”Why can’t I be together with mom? Why it is should be an equivalent change?” keeps echoing in his mind, and not rarely he feels quite jealous with those who still have their mothers, even more when he sees them happy together with theirs. Seeing this, surely he thinks that having a mother is a great blessing, and he will get mad to anyone who disrespects their mother.
Iiralenne gives him a chance to live, and realizing this, Yulion is determined to live his life to the fullest and to keep living no matter what happens, to respect and not to make Iiralenne’s death in futile. Yulion values all creatures' lives greatly, as well as his own life, and taking care of his health is one of his priorities. He won’t kill even a fly, and the death he will accept is only death by an old age.

• black haired with golden on the tip. His eye color is lime green
• Although he’s from a high-class, he doesn’t like to appear all luxurious. Appear modest and/or casual makes him more comfortable. all of this is because Gurell teaches him to appreciate money and use it wisely, and to be always modest and not cocky.
• He always ride his bicycle if he wants to go somewhere, and daily to his school
• he likes Biology
• he has an extra lessons course in his home (his dad insisted him to have one to maintain the quality of education)
• likes casual clothes, and feels not really comfortable in formal attires (ex: tuxedos)
• Has a bad handwriting
• His father named him based on his zodiac, as well as his survival.
• His blood type is O+
• His height is taller from 1.71 m (5 ft 7 inch) to 1.74 m (5 ft 9 inch).
• he starts to work on his muscles due to his daily training. his figure now is fuller and taller
• has a lot of awful and horrible scars on his back. :bulletblue:
• There's a little story of the scars near his jawline, arm, and his back (the burnt scar one). :bulletblue:
• he's a part of Student Council in school. :bulletblue:
• he is ambidextrous
• easily provoked if it deals about mother and life. if he sees someone humiliate other's life, bullying, disrespects their mother and such, he will lose his temper and beat them up. this provocation is the main way which makes him to act very violent
• is not a tidy person in managing stuffs. his room is always in a mess.
• he has a high tolerance towards alcohol, sedatives, drugs, and other similar stuffs due to his superior antibody, however can still be under effect if he consumes them with a high dose.
do not make him drunk. just don't, I warn you.
• considers his aunt (Verona's mother) like a foster mother to him. He often visits her with Verona.
• His fear are something that is not visible (fear of losing his friends, etc), including ghosts. He is deadly curious about ghost stories, but cannot sleep afterwards
• often play horror video games with his good friend, Kai (who is also his neighbor) at midnight with lamps off before the sleepover

[Update] Inventory//
Prior Ownership:

• brass locket from his father, has his mother's photograph in it
• a set of headphones and music player from his friends in West Cauraha High before he's going to move to East Cauraha High
• a magical handmade bracelet given by Pallas, makes him to able to do a mindreading—with a requirement that he has to be really close to the person. However, Yulion will only hear faint thoughts of the person.
• a feather charm given by Aeron, a real big feather plucked from her own wing, now attached on his hat :bulletblue:

Store Bought:

Silver Dagger
This dagger was built to be extra durable in order to pierce the skin of dangerous enemies. It will prove to be a great aid in the battlefield.
Clover Potion
This potion was made using the very poison of spiders to create an antidote. It cannot heal health only status alignments.
This mechanism seems to be made specifically for enemies with long, boney apendexes; it can latch and crush bones with its sturdy iron claws.
The light that shines from this lantern seems to keep even the most dangerous monsters at bay! It will surely come in handy if you see yourselves outnumbered by many monsters!

[Log Sequence] Battling//
*Contract Availability: Aesther (Partimur Contract)

Powers: :bulletblue:

Yulion's dormant power is the main reason of his survival and well-being despite of the deadly accident and premature birth. The power comes from his mother's bloodline. Yulion absorbed nutrition more than any babies do when he was still inside womb—which is the main cause of Iiralenne’s health issues, death, and Yulion’s extraordinary immune system. As a result, Yulion is a very healthy kid and gets rarely sick.

His dormant power is an ability to cast supportive and defensive skills. Most of his skills are based on how antibody and immune system within humans work. As Yulion’s immunity is naturally superior since his birth, he has some advantages on effect which are always active on himself:
• Enhanced defense
• Extra immunity against infection, illnesses and disease (including quicker response of natural immunity and memory cells / immunological memory)
• Enhanced recovery and healing process speed and poison neutralization
• Ability to track virus and foreign particles which invade the body and sensitivity against them (extra)

Besides his passive advantage effects, Yulion also has active skills which may be casted on himself or his allies. The availability of Yulion's skills is limited as he cannot cast them as much as he wants. Most of his skills require his magic power, but there are also one which drain both of his magic and defense at the same time. If he cast the same skill over and over, the more he cast, the more effectiveness of his skill will decrease. Some of his skills are also active in a limited time as well (though it may be varied depending on the skills), so in order to execute his skills into their maximum potential, it needs wits and intelligence which makes this as a great challenge.

:bulletblue: Wall
Increases defense temporary

:bulletblue: Scan
Scanning through opponent’s antibody to discover their resistance and immunity, very useful information to find out its weak point indirectly. He can also check someone's antibody / immune system's condition with this.

:bulletblue: Antidote
neutralizes poisons and such. This works when he neutralizes the negative component directly and neutralizes it inside his target’s body.

:bulletblue: Convalescence (Covalescentia)
Heals injuries and illnesses. By this way, the caster stimulates the target’s antibody to works faster to fasten the healing process against injuries and illnesses. The pace of the recovery is depends on the target’s antibody.

:bulletblue: Imitation
A skill that allows his antibody to copy his target’s defense and resistance against certain element into his own advantage for better adaptation in battle. (either resistance in fire, ice, etc). This skill is active in a certain period of time. Usually this skill is used after Yulion scan the opponent’s antibody.

:bulletblue: Manipulation
Manipulates antibody of his target and cause a disorder of their immunity. This skill may cause one of the three disorders:
• Immunodeficiency: dispels someone’s immune system’s ability to fight the infectious disease, making the target be vulnerable against sickness
• Autoimmunity: Causes an immune response against its own cells and tissues. This response may lead into autoimmune diseases
• Hypersensitivity: Hypersensitivity is an immune response that damages the body's own tissues, causing allergies and autoimmunity. This reaction may be damaging, uncomfortable, or occasionally fatal.
In order to execute this skill, Yulion has to make a physical contact with his target. He can only give one type of the disorder and it occurs only in a certain period of time. Any of these disorders will cause the target to be weak against illnesses, as well as weaken the target’s defense.

:bulletblue: Exchange / switch
Switch damages taken with the victim for temporary / period of time. Once the victim gets damage, the one who will be hurt is the user instead, and vice versa. How big the damage taken is affected by each defense. This skill can be considered as exchanging DSP between the two for the better understanding (although it’s not literally). This skill is very useful to protect an ally whether the opponent(s) is/are targeting them and Yulion has no time to catch them up.

:bulletblue: Larceny
absorbs antibody and endurance of its victim and delivers it to the user to be his own antibody and endurance. The more antibody the user takes, the more dangerous and fatal the impact on the victim. If this skill is exploited too much, it may kill the victim. For example: one scratch on the victim body after the antibody is taken may cause them to bleed to death.
The amount of the antibody taken depends on the victim’s defense and the caster’s attack. This skill should be used carefully—if, for example, the victim has poison within their body, Yulion has a risk to be poisoned instead.

:bulletblue: Gift
Shares antibody / immune system of self to the target. The impact depends on the amount of the sharing. The more the antibody is shared, the more the defense and endurance of the target’s increase, and the more fragile and weak the caster’s defense. Sharing too much immune system may lead the caster to be vulnerable against attacks and illnesses.
This skill is more effective than Wall skill. The increasing of defense last much longer, as well as the amount of the additional defense given is better. Gift skill also helps Covalescentia skill better in the target’s recovery process, especially against serious and fatal injuries and illnesses. Both his magic and defense are needed to cast this skill.

Weapon: N/A

Health: 2300
Magic: 2300
Attack: 680
Defense: 4225
Speed: 1225

Battling Style: :bulletblue:
Yulion would most likely charges towards his enemy, as in becoming as a bait or decoy and provoke them to attack him while the ally can focus in attacking. He should observe and analyze his enemies as well as scanning their elements and resistance so that he and his allies can bring their enemies down faster and with more ease. what Yulion does are defensive and supportive actions, he supports and protects his contract from any damage and buys his contract time and chances to attack the enemy.
he might do some offensive moves if needed (commonly for self defense or throwing the opponent away to make distance), but usually not much as his attacks are not that big. In battle that involves groups of people, sometimes he is on the back line, healing people's injuries if they are lacking of healers. He would go back into the front line to take damage though if there are enough healers within the team.
To maintain the effectiveness of his skills, he has to use his power wisely. He will observe what kind of battle he is involved in and will adapt into it, taking actions based on what is needed in battle. This makes his moves quite unpredictable since he doesn't really have a battle pattern and strategy.

[Main Theme]
Deep Breath Deep Breath - Persona 3 Reincarnation…
After School - Persona 3 Portable…

[Battle Theme]
Forever Fugitives - Final fantasy XIII…
Battle - .Hack// G.U.…
Final Battle - Final Fantasy X… (starting 0:24)

[Sad Theme]
The Order Must be Protected - DISSIDIA Final Fantasy…

[Tense / Dangerous Battle]
Eidolons - Final Fantasy XIII…
Otherworld - Final Fantasy X…

[Happy / Joy / Daily Theme]
A Brief Respite - Final Fantasy XIII…

[Mystery Theme]
Anxiety - Final Fantasy XI…

[Melancholy to Determination Theme]
Intro Theme - Ragnarok II: Legend of the Second…
the lyrics reflect about Yulion much more in the English version made by a fan YamashitaAyumuchan here:…

[Yulion and Aeron's Theme]
Eternal Love - Sayuri Sugawara…

[Yulion, Analu, and Aeron's Theme]
Trust Me - Yuuya Matsushita…

Kazuki Mutou - Busou Renkin… (spiky-haired boy with red shirt and black school uniform jacket. small warning: there's blood at the beginning)

I'm available on Skype, MSN, Yahoo, and dA notes. Just send me a note or drop a comment if you want to RP :heart:

art, character (c) ~Fortranica
CL app sheet (c) *whitty-boo
thank you for the comments and faves :iconaawplz:
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