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January 6, 2013
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DevA: Erzion Heimdall Gwyrinndur by Fortranica DevA: Erzion Heimdall Gwyrinndur by Fortranica

bigger ref:

revamp result of Yue Baldr.
he would never be the kind illusionist you ever know. :iconimsopervyplz:

being an art of light teacher who can also heal and give buffs doesn't mean that he is a good person :heart:


Name: Erzion “Heimdall” Gwyrinndur
Alias: Erzion, false priest, (deceiving) Heimdall, devil in angelic coat
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Art of Light wizard)

Height: 1.75m
Weight: unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: greenish Aqua / Turquoise
Class: Art of Light

- Dark magic (formerly, not available now)
- Offensive and defensive light magic
- Healing magic, as well as support magic and buffs

Weapon of Choice: n/a. usually cast spells with bare hands. Owns a short staff for magic boost. Can use military weapons.

- always cold-headed and think before leap all the time
- possesses mysterious demeanor, no one can guess his mind
- a “cold” prankster
- a sadist
- hardly influenced by anything
- hardly cooperates except he can gain advantage from it
- detests almost everything
- suspicion never bothered him, he can hide his intentions too well

Likes: none in particular

- things going not as he planned
- his plans / actions backfiring
- people who can understand himself in any matter
- whiny people
- his intentions being found out
- basically he dislikes almost anything including you

Habits: put ready-to-explode-firecrackers to other guardian’s desks
Hobbies: cold prank

Born as the oldest child of De Sancti, Erzion was the main heir of his family bloodline which was known for their terrifying Dark Magic in Kharos. Erzion’s family had been fighting with other Dark wizards for years, fighting solely over territory and dominance. Rumors about dark magic wielders as elite force for the king of Kharos started this internal war, every dark warlocks fought one another, only to prove themselves as the strongest dark wizard worth as the King’s elite force, as being one would grant full authority and dominance over others. Because of this, as the main heir of the family, Erzion was taught dark magic since he was very young, and often participated in the internal war ‘behind the scene’, simply by annihilated every important figure of his family’s enemies to break them apart and destroy them easier.

The internal war happens in a long time as many dark magic wielders were as powerful as one another. This also made them become impatient and greedy over power, thus by time these war affected the other countries as they also tried to dominate other countries to gain more forces to annihilate their enemies.

Causing such a great chaos, Light Magic force executed extermination of the Dark Magic wielders, wiping out all the wielders, including Erzion’s family. Erzion was only 13 years old back then. Helped by the other countries who wanted to restore peace, the extermination was successful, and the war was finally ended. However, The leader of the Light Magic force took pity on Erzion when he and his army would annihilate his family completely, especially because the young boy was treated and taught as a killing weapon without knowing which is bad and which is good. His life was spared, and to prevent this war to be happened again in the future, the Leader gave him a “Curse of Reverse” spell. This spell made Erzion not being able to perform Dark Magic at all. He even cannot to learn elemental magic, but the only and only one Light Magic. As the result, Erzion’s skin turned pale and he had an inability to heal himself but others. The inability to heal himself is there to teach Erzion to be more careful and value a life of every people, to heal and help others, not to hurt.

The Leader sent him to a monastery in Dallia, with a humble request to the priests and priestesses to take care of Erzion and teach him his new magic potential, as well as to make him repented for his sins in the past. However, dogmas which were planted into the young Erzion’s mind was done since he was born, building a strong faith of his family’s belief. His belief was unshaken, however, living in the monastery for more than ten years with the priests and priestesses made him less violent and diabolic. He spent his years there learning light magic, and change his name into Erzion “Heimdall” Gwyrinndur to avoid any misunderstandings and unwanted incidents regarding his dark past.

There in the monastery, he met his cousin Aethelrith who lived there to learn some of light magic as well. Years passed and the monastery had news that the Dallia government was looking for an Art of Light Guardian for an academy, so the monastery asked Erzion for aid. Persuaded by his cousin, Aethy, Erzion finally agrees, not for the academy but her sake, as long as he got a fair amount of honorarium as his right. Nothing is free for him, and no pain no gain, after all.


Other / Trivia:
- he's still single //SHOT
- a separated cousin of Aethelrith Shilyv
- a Vice Headmaster / Vice Principal of the Academy
- he never smiled, the only smile he can form is a scary one
- doesn’t believe in miracles
- Due to his origin from Kharos, he can use military weapons well. It is unknown how many stocks of weapon including the firecrackers he has
- due to his disability of learning elemental magic, he stores a huge amount of elemental grenades as well (similarly to rune devices in appearance)
- never being seen to be excited over something
- has a missing twin sister, named Erzebet De Sancti
- he only and only cares and being protective towards Aethy (his cousin) and Zeb (his twin sister)
- he keeps wearing the attire from the abbey / monastery as the attire is made specially with light magic. The attire bears a magic barrier that protects the user. The attire is given to him by a certain blind priestess, Lence Ayano
- he has a triplet adult light monsters as pets, as well as Erzion's support and boost in magic power, each boost offensive, defensive, and support. Besides as a booster, the triplets can do light skills according to their roles to aid Erzion if needed. Each is 1.00m in height.

- Aethelrith Shylyv: separated cousin
- Hesed Sylphames: fellow Vice Headmaster / Vice Principal
- Adam Willem Cruzrio: fellow Guardian in one subject
- Jassie Steward: possible teaching assistant if needed she's a permanent blacklist in his book since she likes to troll him a lot
- Lence Ayano: acquaintance in monastery. foster sister but he never admit it officially

art, Erzion (c) ~Fortranica
Erzebet De Sancti (c) ~blueToaster
thank you for the faves and comments :hug:
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TBCH Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
cool desize
Rikugo Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student
Heee! I like his outfit! Very nice design! (0_0)
Fortranica Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thank you! <3
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Fortranica Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
aku ga jamin ya, kl ngeliat dr personality-nya dia pasti tolak semua yg nembak dia :rofl:
VercheLicious Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
:rofl: kebayang dialog penolakannya kira2 begini:

Stalker Fans: M-M-Mr. Erzion, I-I want to tell you that I'm always l-l-lo--
Erzion: Speak clearly, or you should not speak at all to me *sinister glare, flees*

//ditendangerzion :rofl:
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